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Difference Between Fast and Slow Charging

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

What is Slow Charging?

Every smartphone requires a specific amount of voltage to charge the battery. When your device charges at a constant rate it's called Slow Charging

What is Fast Charging?

If a charging adapter supplies more than the specific amount of voltage when charging it will produce more electricity than normal and by doing that your phone will charge more efficiently. This is called Fast/Slow Charging.

Does Fast Charging Work For Every Phone?

No, Fast Charging doesn’t work for every phone. Your phone has to support Fast Charging which means you have to a charging adapter & cable that is compatible.

Advantages Of Fast Charging

  • Saves Time As Phones Charge Quicker

  • Extends Smartphone Usage

Disadvantages Of Fast Charging

  • Your Phone Battery Gets Damaged Slowly

  • Battery Life Decreases

Advantages Of Slow Charging

  • Battery Lasts Longer

  • Affordable

Disadvantages Of Slow Charging

  • Charging Takes A Long Time

Does Fast Charging Work For Every Phone?

In my personal opinion I believe that Fast Charging is better than Slow Charging. Fast Charging gives you the ability to quickly charge your phone to a certain percentage in 30-40 minutes which saves you a lot of time. Normal Charging is good for you if you use your phone for a longer duration. Even though fast charging reduces battery life I haven't noticed it and i doubt you will too

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